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  • Anti Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash

    79.00 59.00

    Anti Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash is a quality assured product made to maintain proper hand-hygiene. Liquid hand wash has gentle effect on the skin. It instantly kills bacteria and removes dirt, oil, from the hand. Due to its efficacy and top notch formulation, a few drops of the hand wash are sufficient to kill the germs and bacteria. We provide the Anti Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash in easy to use packaging that is impermeable and long lasting container.

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  • Lemon Mint Fragrance Hand Wash

    149.00 69.00

    Our company is offering the superior grade Lemon And Mint Fragrance Hand Wash that is popularly known for its efficacy and distinct fragrance. This liquid hand wash is blended with the mint and lemon essence that gives distinct fragrance after hand wash. Post formulation, we pack the mint fragrance hand wash in the preventative packaging that keeps moisture, dust, and other foreign impurities at bay. Lemon And Mint Fragrance Hand Wash can be purchased from us at the budget friendly price.

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  • Aloe Vera Fragrance Hand Wash

    140.00 74.00

    Aloe Vera Fragrance Hand Wash that we offer is a high grade self care product formulated to provide the users proper hand hygiene. It is made using the finest grade natural ingredients, which are skin friendly quality-tested raw materials. Due to the essence of aloe vera, this hand wash takes a good care of hand skin. We have a variety of Aloe Vera Fragrance Hand Wash available to us. Clients can get the complete assortment of the liquid hand wash at the budget friendly price

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  • Rose Fragrance Hand Wash

    65.00 45.00

    Rose Fragrance Hand Wash is a self care product designed to maintain hand hygiene. It is a blend of natural ingredients and essence of rose petals that gives a unique fragrance to the liquid. This liquid hand wash comes in an impermeable packaging that keeps the impurities and contaminants present in the air at bay. To cater to the varied demands of our clients, we have made available the Rose Fragrance Hand Wash in different packaging options.


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